Core and Cultural Values
Core Values
The core values of the company are:

AWARENESS - creating value through people; training and retraining
HONESTY - Integrity, truthfulness, visible transparency
RESPONSIBILITY - Discipline, professional excellence, etc
CLEANLINESS - Maximum hygiene
QUALITY - Service, product
HARMONY - Team work, trust and mutual respect

Cultural Values
Our cultural values are embodiment of the way we carry out our activities and the attitude we imbibe as a result of our belief in the core concepts of our existence.
The company's cultural value is based on QSC, which enables us to add value to our customers.

Q: This stands for Quality. The company holds in very high esteem quality of all its activities.
S: This stands for Service. The company is set up to provide qualitative fast food services.
C: This stands for Cleanliness. The company at all times seeks to maintain a high level of hygiene standard.

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